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Michael Vick adds four pounds of pure muscle

Everyone knows that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has had a time staying healthy during his NFL career.  He’s only played a complete 16 game season one time in his ten-year career.  He claims that he worked out really hard in the gym this offseason to build more muscle.

“I’ve been doing a lot of curls, a lot of bench press this offseason,” Vick said, per ”Just trying to put my body in the best position possible to withstand the hits. Everybody says I’m injury prone, so I’m trying to fight that.

“But it’s cool, man. That’s why we compete. That’s why we workout. That’s why we train hard … to come out and do the things we know how to do, and that’s play good football. But you have to stay on the field to do so. So that’s why I’ve been working out.”

Vick than stated that he’s gained four pounds of muscle by working out.

“Four pounds, four pounds of pure muscle,” he said, “So, it’s a credit to myself.”

We’ll see if the muscle helps Vick.