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Michael Phelps’ mother thought her son had won the 200 fly (PHOTOS)

Michael Phelps held a half body-length lead in the final 15 meters of a race he hadn’t lost in a major competition since 2001. He passed under the flags of the 200 butterfly ahead of his closest competitor, Chad le Clos, and appeared to be in full control of the race. It looked as if Phelps had this one, he was swimming strong and showing his toughness.  The man who never loses a close touch while ahead or behind was one stroke from victory.

So you can’t blame Michael’s mother, Debbie Phelps, for thinking that her son had won the race. Everyone watching at the London Aquatic Center and at home on television thought the same thing. When Phelps lost it we were all in shock as he was a fingernail shy of beating Chad Le Clos.


See photos of his mothers reaction:

michael phelps mother

michael phelps mother

phelps mother

Photos via Yahoo Sports