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Marcus Vick takes another shot at Andy Reid on Twitter?

After the Eagles got spanked by the New Orleans Saints on “Monday Night Football” last month, Marcus Vick tweeted “Please trade my brother. We requesting out of Philly!!!! Please please please……”

Shortly after, Michael said he had a “serious heart-to-heart conversation” with Marcus in which he told his brother to stop being a twit on Twitter.

But on Monday, Marcus tweeted the following message:

“Yeaaaaa! Try everything n your handbook to save your ass FATBOY!!!!”

Although he did not use Andy Reid’s name, who else could he have been talking about? Santa Claus, Chris Christie?

You’ll never see that again,” Michael said two days after the first incident. “Trust me.”

Who would have thought Marcus Vick wasn’t good at heeding calls for discipline? So unlike him.