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Lolo Jones, Needs To Grow Up and Stop Crying

Olympic Athlete, Lolo Jones came into Tuesdays race expecting a medal, but unfortunately she only finished with tears. A few days ago, New York Times witer, Jeré Longman, staged an impassioned argument against Jones’s marketing of herself.

“Jones has received far greater publicity than any other American track and field athlete competing in the London Games,” Longman writes. “This was based not on achievement but on her exotic beauty and on a sad and cynical marketing campaign. Essentially, Jones has decided she will be whatever anyone wants her to be — vixen, virgin, victim — to draw attention to herself and the many products she endorses.”

Look take it as a complement that someone sees the work you are putting in to the marketing. Minus Michael Phelps, Lolo was the women people wanted to see victorious (and not just because she is a virgin). She had no problem posing for magazine covers and doing interviews to promote herself before the Olympics, so why even comment on the situation. Jones definitely let the media get to her in this race, and it shows when the Today Show brought her on the show.

After saying she was “crushed” by the result of the final, she broke down in tears during the interview when asked about “all she’s been dealing with

“I think it was crazy just because it was two days before I competed, and then the fact that it was from a U.S. media,” Jones told Savannah Guthrie before fighting back tears. “They should be supporting our U.S. Olympic athletes and instead they just ripped me to shreds. I just thought that that was crazy because I worked six days a week, every day, for four years for a 12-second race and the fact that they just tore me apart, which is heartbreaking.

“They didn’t even do their research, calling me the Anna Kournikova of track. I have the American record. I am the American record holder indoors, I have two world indoor titles. Just because I don’t boast about these things, I don’t think I should be ripped apart by media. I laid it out there, fought hard for my country and it’s just a shame that I have to deal with so much backlash when I’m already so brokenhearted as it is.”

The media is not always out there to make you look good. The good story is the one that draws controversy. If you let the media affect you, it will. So shut up, go train, and we will see you in RIO (hopefully with a Gold Medal).