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Lauren Silberman, the first female NFL player?

Lauren Silberman of New York City will participate as the first ever female NFL athlete in the regional combine on March 2-3 (New Jersey). A club soccer player at Wisconsin, Silberman has taken a different path than your average college kicker. Silberman wrote a Master’s thesis at MIT about how athletes use video games to enhance their own performance. She then founded a consulting company Double Play that helps athletes use video games for virtual training purposes.

“I was not aware that I was the first female registrant. I was actually hoping that the 2012 historical milestone rule, to allow women to play, would prompt more women to attend tryouts this year. But for me, what’s important is to finally have a chance to fulfill my dreams by trying out to play in the world’s most competitive football league. (source)

lauren silberman

If Lauren impresses the scouts in New Jersey, she’ll then be asked to appear in the super-regionals held later on that month in Dallas.

Philly Sports Live will be one of the first to let everyone know that this WILL be history. It makes perfect sense for several teams to take the gamble on Silberman. Lets look at the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are not only down on wins, but ticket sales as well. Think of the media and the followings this female athlete will bring! She is not only talented but extremely educated. She will inspire many other women and young athletes to fight for their dreams.

We wish Lauren Silberman the best of luck and plan to follow her throughout the regionals!