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Lakers Coach, Mike Brown Fired!

The Los Angeles Lakers have fired head coach Mike Brown. The Lakers are off to the worst start in the Western Conference (1-4) despite carrying the league’s largest payroll at just over $100 million, which would trigger an estimated luxury-tax bill at season’s end of nearly $30 million. The Lakers have had a healthy Steve Nash in the lineup for only 1½ of their five games so far thanks to a leg injury, while fellow newcomer Dwight Howard has acknowledged that he’s still recovering from the back surgery that brought a premature end to his 2011-12 campaign. Kobe has also been fighting through a foot injury.

With that said, Mike Brown could not win with the best player in the NBA, Lebron James. So you bring him to Los Angeles to take the place of the GREATEST coach to ever live (Phil Jackson), and you cant win? Mike Brown you may be the worst coach in the history of the NBA.