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Katherine Fenton From The Presidential Debate is A Freak On Twitter

For those who didn’t watch the debate or don’t care about politics, Tuesday night’s debate was conducted in a “town hall” style.  Basically what that means is that they have people attending the event ask questions to the candidates directly, making things a little bit more hectic and a helluva lot more interesting than when it’s just the moderator.  Katherine Fenton, pictured below, was one of the people to ask a question (which if I remember correctly was about women getting equal pay in the workplace).

Cute, innocent girl, right?  Wrong.  Yesterday, some of her tweets leaked.  Her Twitter account has since been deleted but, thanks to the internet, someone got screen shots of some of her bests:

Unreal.  Couldn’t have scripted this stuff any better.  Straight-up lost it on that MFK (or KMF in her case?).  Hysterical.

I don’t care what CNN says about Obama, Katherine Fenton wins the debate hands down.

Photo Credit: Raw Story