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Joe Banner OUT as Eagles Team President

The Philadelphia Eagles announced that Joe Banner will no longer be the Team President of the Eagles, He is expected to become a strategic adviser to owner Jeffrey Lurie, keeping him within the organization. But he is also expected to pursue opportunities outside of the organization, and is being called a “free agent” by Lurie. Banner, who has been with the Eagles since Lurie arrived in 1994, called himself an “employed free agent.”

The New Team President will be Chief operating officer Don Smolenski and will run the day-to-day operations. General manager Howie Roseman will assume all of Banner’s responsibilities in managing the salary cap and contract negotiations, according to article. A press conference is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

The Eagles are are calling a “front-office succession plan,” one that the owner said began when  Banner approached him last spring. Joe Banner said that he  hoped to “get involved with the world of buying and selling a sports team with  the possibility of becoming part of a group that buys a team.”

Joe Banner hired Howie Roseman in 2000 at an entry-level position to help analyze the  cap. He worked his way up the chain of command and into player evaluation and  was named GM in January 2010. Don Smolenski joined the Eagles in 1998 and was named the club’s chief operating  officer in 2010.

Some Quotes fromJeffery Lurie from Article

Jeffery Lurie: “We all knew it was going to be Don. Don didn’t know,” Lurie said. “We all  had increasing faith in Howie, and that was really an easy transition in how  that went.”

Jeffery Lurie: “potentially losing Smolenski, 45, and Roseman, 36, whom he labeled  “star, young executives,” played into the decision to promote both.”

With Joe Banner stepping down does end of an era. He ran the team’s day-to-day  operations since May 6, 1994, when Lurie bought the Eagles from Norman Braman.  He was named president in 2001.