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Jeffery Ross Attempts Joe Paterno

Saturday night’s taping of the “Roast of Roseanne”, was some what of a “clean” affair, other then the ass-whole himself Jeffry Ross. Ross who is proclaimed the “King of Roasts”, with 10 Roast appearances, decided to push the button as far as he could. To start the night, during the Red Carpet appearance, Ross dressed as Joe Paterno, walking with two teenaged boys wearing nothing but helmets and towels. Although the two boys didnt make it to the stage, Ross still continued to wear the Joe Paterno outfit.

This raises huge questions about comedians. How far should they be able to push the envelope. Do we want to laugh at one of the biggest scandals of the era? If we do laugh, is it funny that all of these young boys were molested? If you would like to be the judge of how big of an ass Jeffry Ross Really is, check out the Roast of Roseanne on Sunday, Aug. 12, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. (Comedy Central).

Oh yea, and the piece of shit also threw in a few Aurora jokes towards Seth Green:

“Congratulations,” Ross said to Green. “This is actually a really big night for you. You haven’t gotten this much attention since you shot all those people in Aurora.”
“You’re not like James Holmes. At least he’s doing something in a movie theater that people remember.”