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Stupid Name of the Week

During the Olympics, you may come across the strangest things or in this case strangest names.  We’re not entirely sure the last name of Iranian weightlifter. Saeid Mohammadpourkarkaragh is the longest of the Olympics. There are almost 10,000 athletes at the Games and scanning through the rosters on the official website isn’t an easy task.

But at 21 letters, it has to be close. How long is it? Consider:

• He has as many last-name letters as Michael Phelps has career gold medals.

• There are 17 more letters in his last name than in the name of his home country.

• It is 20 letters longer than the shortest last name at the Olympics. There’s a Chinese judoka named Lamusi A. Just “A.”

So does Saeid Mohammadpourkarkaragh have the longest name in olympics history? Your answer is No! That belongs to Max Emanuel Maria Alexander Vicot Bruno de la Santisima Trinidad y Todos los Santos von Hohenlohe Langenburg, a skiier from the 1956 Winter Games.