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How to Keep Owners Interested Late in the Season

If your fantasy football team is playing like the Kansas City Chiefs, how could we keep you interested in week 17?

You’ve played in the kinds of fantasy football leagues where coaches lose interest late in the season.  They are in the bottom half of the league and they simply give up.  They are out of the money.  They are tired of adjusting their lineup each week.

Yet, it’s their negligence that could cost you the championship or a playoff berth when they lay down against your biggest rival!

Here’s a way to keep all owners interested for the entire season, even if they aren’tbetting on NFL games.

Everybody Makes the Playoffs

That’s right.  Every team makes the playoffs.  They don’t all make the championship bracket, but they all make the playoffs.  Nobody wants to finish in last place so they will stay interested, even during week 17!

If you have 4 teams make the playoffs, have teams in position 5 through 8 have their own playoff rounds for the fifth through eighth place spots.  Then, add an incentive of prize money or draft position for next season to keep the interest level high.

ESPN offers consolation bracket pairings for your fantasy football league.  It’s a great thing to implement and keeps owners interested.  You should do it if you aren’t already.