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Great Tailgating Traditions: Tips and Suggestions for Gameday

Game day is here, and you’re ready to celebrate and support your favorite team before the clock starts!

There’s no better or more fitting celebration for this type of event than tailgating! All fans, family, and friends all gathered to root on your favorite team, or those guys who just happen to be rooting for the opposing team (we’ll let it slide). Either way, tailgating before the big game is promised to be a good time – as long as you have the right things to get the tailgate started!

What do you need? Here are some great suggestions that have always been a part of the tailgating tradition.

Starting with the Basics – Food, Drinks, & Comfort.

What’s a good tailgate without a fire under the grill, food over the flame, and a cold beverage at hand? The games are usually a few hours in length, and with the over-pricing that can be seen at any of the concession stands, you’re going to want to fill up before kick-off. Bringing burgers, hotdogs, and buns to grill out are the usual go-to for tailgates, especially if you’re on a budget – a cooler is an essential thing to have to keep the food at its right temperature on the drive up to the game.

OK – so we got the food covered, what about the drinks? Tailgates take place outside and nothing can be more refreshing than a cold beverage under the heat of the sun. Coolers are perfect to keep your beverages at their refreshing temperatures.

To make sure everyone can make themselves comfortable, fold-out tables, chairs, or blankets are perfect for everyone to take a seat, relax, have a drink, and take in the atmosphere of the pre-game celebration.

Pre-Game Entertainment –

Playing games before the BIG game can be a great way to bond with family and friends, build up excitement for the game ahead, keep the little ones entertained, or even make other fans friends! The games that own the number one spot for tailgating traditions is definitely the game of cornhole and redneck golf – never heard of them? Prepare to meet your new favorite tailgating games! Cornhole and redneck golf are great ways to compete, share laughs, and entertain everyone before kick-off, especially if you have your own customized game-set that represents your favorite sports team!

Other Great Items to Consider –

Having your own source of shade can be a huge relief before the games with most tailgates lasting an hour or longer – canopies and tents are a great and easy way to supply shade for everyone to enjoy. Are you your sports team’s #1 fan? If so, having flags, banners, or inflatable blow-ups that represent your team are a great way of showing how much you truly support them. Many fans don’t actually get to go inside the stadium to view the game, but would prefer to relax and view it themselves on portable televisions while still being able to take in all of the other great items provided by the tailgate – portable TV’s, projectors, or satellites are a great accessory to have if this type of atmosphere fits your preference!

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