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Gabby Douglas Want To Go On A Date?

It was the 2012 Summer Olympics that gymnast Gabby Douglas made a name for herself. It was also around the same time that high school student, Leon Purvis asked her to his prom. Sadly, Gabby was unable to attend crashing one of his dreams. With many tweets both back and forth he has still been unsuccessful in meeting her, but he has not given up. Leon is now looking for the help from the public and her fans as the hopes to take her on a date. Gabby had tweeted Leon with the possibility that if she were to reach 800,000 twitter followers then she would consider. Currently Gabby is at a little over 777,000 followers.

Below you will see a video that he put out in his hopes to take her to her favorite restaurant Bang Bang’s. Hopefully his wish will come true.

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