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Friday Night Fights at 2300 Arena

Philadelphia PA: The sport of boxing is starting to get attention again in Philadelphia and it took center stage on Friday night at 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia for Friday Night Fights. The headline fight was Jason Sosa vs. Bergman Aguilar, 8 rounds, junior lightweights & the CO Main Event was Joey Dawejko vs. Ebonong Uhohette, 6 rounds, heavyweights. There was 5 fighters from Philadelphia on the card, so there was the home field advantage in their favor.

The first fight that got the night started was Jerome Conquest vs. Kevin Garcia, 4 rounds, lightweights. this fight was Garcia pro debut. Both fighters had some good shots that they landed on each other in this fight as it would go the distance and Jerome Conquest picks up the win over Kevin Garcia by Unanimous Decision (40-36,40-36 & 39-37). Next fight was  Fred Jenkins vs. Jeff Lentz, 6 rounds, junior middleweights. Jenkins would get some good shots early on but Lentz would take full control of this fight and Jenkins had no answer for Lentz. Fred Jenkins left eye is starting to get swollen through 4 Rounds, this fight would go the distance &  Jeff Lentz defeats Fred Jenkins by Unanimous Decision (60-54 60-54 59-55).

The next fight on the card was Keenan Smith vs. Malik Jackson, 6 rounds, junior welterweights. This fight had a lot of action as both fighters were throwing some big shots. This fight would only go 3 rounds as the referee would stop it at 1:41 left in round 3 and Keenan Smith wins the fight by TKO. So far the ation at 2300 Arena has been action and the it was a backed house to see this fight card.  Next Fiight was Victor Vasquez vs. Jose L. Guzman, 6 rounds, lightweights, this was the best fight of the night, lot of action, big shots by both guys and on top of it, Victor Vasquez would pick up the win by TKO as the referee would stop the fight at 2:59 of round 4, as Victor Vasquez would go to town on Jose L. Guzman for the victory.

The undercard fights were good, before the CO Main Event began, There was a tribute to Philly Boxer Harold Johnson who was a former World Light Heavyweight Champion, passed away on February 19, Rang Bell 10 times in his Honor.  now the fun begins as the CO Main Event took center stage as Joey Dawejko vs. Ebonong Uhohette, 6 rounds, heavyweights, this fight did not last long as Joey Dawejko would knock out Ebonong Uhohette just 27 seconds into the 1st round and the crowd at 2300 Arena could not believe how fast the knockout happen.

The Main Event was Jason Sosa vs. Bergman Aguilar, 8 rounds, junior lightweights. This fight would not last long as both guys had some big shots and the fight ended in round 4 as Jason Sosa would land a big shot and Bergman Aguilar spit out blood, went to his corner the referee asked if he was ok to continue and Bergman Aguilar said no and fight was over, Bergman Aguilar lost 3 teeth during the 4th round which stopped the fight as Jason Sosa would pick up the win by TKO at 1:54 into round 4.

After the fights were over, I spoke to Amir Mansour who was calling the fights and he told me that he wants to fight Joey Dawejko saying “We are going to get it on, We are going to fight May 8 ESPN Friday night fights, we are going to get it on.”


Main Event:
Jason Sosa defeats Bergman Aguilar by TKO at 1:54 of 4th Round

Co Main Event:
Joey Dawejko defeats Ebonong Uhohette by KO at 27 seconds of 1st Round

Victor Vasquez defeats Jose L. Guzman by TKO at 2:59 of 4th Round

Keenan Smith defeats Malik Jackson by TKO  at 1:41 of 3rd Round

Jeff Lentz defeats Fred Jenkins by Unanimous Decision (60-54 60-54 59-55)

Jerome Conquest defeats Kevin Garcia by Unanimous Decision (40-36,40-36 & 39-37)

Joey Dawejko on Knockout Win