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Flying the Coop

For the third year in a row, the Philadelphia Eagles face controversy in training camp.

There was the famous dream team line, uttered by Vince Young after a free agent overhaul heading into 2011. In 2012, Michael Vick shared his thoughts on the Eagles having the tools to become a dynasty. And now this, a video of Riley Cooper using a racial slur at a concert.

Once again, Eagles camp is anything but quiet.

With that, the team announced today that, after fining Cooper an undisclosed amount, that the wide receiver will be given indefinite leave from the training camp to undergo sensitivity training.

After meeting with Cooper, the Eagles’ brass decided not to cut him, but rather to carry out their own mode of discipline. The counseling is meant to help Cooper understand how deeply his words have affected his teammates, the fans and on society as a whole.

Cooper has since stated that he has apologized to his teammates all together, but that he will seek out each one of them personally to offer his apologies, as well as the coaching staff, and most important, the security guard at Lincoln Financial Field whom his words were sent towards.

This, coming on the heels of Jeremy Maclin’s season ending knee injury, and first year head coach Chip Kelly has his hands full in making adjustments on the field, and now in the locker room. One that, even with Cooper gone for a while, just might be divided or splintered when he returns.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie hired Kelly because of his innovativeness and how his football mind. This, however, will put his decision to hire Kelly under the  microscope in a ways that he could have never anticipated.

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