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Official Flyers Playoff Song Anthem 2012

The Philadelphia Flyers will be going to the second round of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs and its time to get hype! LiL Louie C and teamed up again for another sports playoff anthem. You may remember the young artist from his Phillies version of 99 Problems in 2011.

As we all may know the famous Mac Miller song “Knock Knock” , which played on Scott Hartnell’s iPod after victories. But whats crazy is that Mac Miller is from Pittsburgh! WTF? So what better then creating a version for the Flyers, and rapped by a true PHILADELPHIAN and ultimate Flyers fan!

Im sure this song will get you hype for the next round. “Yo Stanley Here We Come!” Lets give Hartnell’s iPod a real victory song not rapped by a fan of Queer Boy Crosby!



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