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Battle of the Anthems: Flyers vs. Rangers

With both the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers making it to the next round in the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, it seem both teams fans are now battling out in the form of music.

Young artist from Philadelphia, Lil Louie C created his version of Mac Miller’s Knock Knock. In 2 days his Flyers Anthem went Viral; hitting over 20,000 views, 7 radio station, 133 online blogs (possibly more), and several local sports bars. Lil Louie C has had the support of the all faithful Flyers fans routing both him and the team to the top. Louie C will be performing his Knock Knock Anthem at the Bullies Pub, Xfinity Live! after the Flyers first victory.

Lil Louie C’s competitor is GFELLA, a rapper from the hometown of the 2012 Super Bowl Champions the New York Giants. GFELLA is an Italian New Yorker with a big attitude and big stomach. His rap is about the New York Rangers, a team that has had the Flyers number all season. This rapper has quite the Anthem, and thank the world he wasn’t in the video. He’s like a mix between Fat Joe and Yokozuna.

The 2 videos are posted below, and we are asking for your truthful opinions. Feel Free to comment below and let us know who you think has the best Playoff Anthem.


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vonryanmam says:

All love for both artists…BUT
#Rangers – GFELLA #Lame
The NY fans chant during most of it. What is that? What work did GFELLA put in exactly? Seems Lil Louie C knows his craft a “LIL” better. Just sayin @m_moss0506

Philly Live says:

@fefe12 Agreed!

fefe12 says:

just listened to both songs. knock knock is a million times better! great flow and really is gonna get the fans hype.. over all a great song and a great artist!!