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Evan Turner Guiness Book of World Record

It turns out that while in Orlando for the All-Star Game festivities, Evan Turner set a Guinness World Record for a very specific feat. Turner hit 14 shots from behind the backboard in one minute.

It’s worth noting that not only is this a world record, but it is an official Guinness World Record, as Guinness had one of their notoriously strict judges on-hand to verify the results.


We hope that Evan Turner enjoyed his literal 15-minutes of fame. Not too long after Turner’s record was announced, the Timberwolves’ Ricky Rubio went and bested it. According to the T’wolves PR Twitter account, Rubio drained 18 shots in one minute from behind the backboard.

Sorry Evan. I’m sure you’re very disappointed. Hopefully you’ll find something to do at the NBA All-Star Weekend to take your mind off of things.