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Eagles Week 1: The Good vs. The Bad

The Good

The Eagles are 1-0. No one got hurt. LeSean McCoy proved once again that he’s an elite running back. The defense allowed just 16 points, but they were playing the Cleveland Browns, with a rookie quarterback who threw for 188 yards. Philadelphia should have held the Browns to a low output offensively. Even though it is somewhat good, it is more so expected.

The Bad

This game was a complete mess from the start. It was like the Eagles were trying everything possible to lose this game. Michael Vick threw the ball 56 times, all while Andy Reid ignored his top-ranked running back McCoy. The Eagles offense took off only when they started feeding McCoy on the final drive. The offensive ineptness from Reid was mind-boggling.

Every fan who watched the NFL in 2011 knew the Browns’ strength was in their pass defense, but Reid spent 55 minutes trying to force a square peg the size of his rather large body into a very small round hole. If you know the team can not defend the run, and you have one of the best running backs in the NFL, what makes you pass 56 times?