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Eagle’s sponsors keep boosting the brand

In the Philadelphia Eagles off-season the team wasn’t just hiring itself a new head coach and reworking the roster, they were also busy tying up some more lucrative sponsorship deals. New deals with 4 existing partners were renewed, with Sovereign Bank (re-branding to Santander) signing on for another 7 years, MillerCoors (previously Miller Brewing Co) and Acme Markets signing for 5 more years, and Ricoh Americas Corp cutting a deal for 3 additional years. In addition to these extended contracts the Eagles also dreamt up some new ways to work with their sponsors over the 2014-15 season, and also additional avenues with sports betting sites like being explored.

These new marketing angles are going to attract ongoing attention and for the sponsors and Eagles. For example, Santander will benefit from the new field club or VIP field level section which will offer around 30 guests the opportunity to be as close as possible to the action, whilst MillerCoors will benefit from the increased signage space on the lower concourse.

Dunkin Donuts is another sponsor that’s returned this year as the Eagles official donut, coffee and breakfast choice and they’ve opted to make use of mobile marketing by offering fans a free coupon redeemable via an app after every Eagles win. One of the biggest shake-ups in the Eagles sponsorship was the loss of Papa Johns, who were quickly replaced by Seasons Pizza when they realised that the potential for getting their brand name out there via the popular sporting franchise was an opportunity not to be missed. Other sponsors new to the Eagles for the season include international software giant Microsoft, State Farm Insurance, Bridgestone Tyres and insurance company Johnson Kendall Johnson. It’s not clear yet how these sponsors will be wholly represented but the Eagles could use a variety of marketing ploys to tie them in with merchandising throughout the season.
The Phillies Eagles have a massive following and the sponsorship deals they’ve attracted regardless of being 4 and 12 last year prove just how big their fan base is, and how large companies are willing to back them despite a lacklustre performance on-field. The Eagles however are hoping for a better season this time around and they are looking stronger in practise as their passion continues to fuel the franchise.