Eagles QB Michael Vick on Mike and Mike and Jim Rome

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles

On Tuesday February 12th, Eagles QB Michael Vick spoke for the first time about signing his new one year contract to stay with the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick was a Guest on ESPN Radio show Mike and Mike in the Morning and CBS Sports Radio’s Jim Rome Show. Here is what Vick had to say on both shows:

Mike and Mike in the Morning:

Vick about coming back to Philly: “The city of Philadelphia has been great for me, it was my decision.”

Vick’s Opinion about Chip Kelly’s Offense: “I have watched Chip for a long time, I felt things were good, I take my chances, I ran for 1,000 yards in 2006, I can still compete at a high level.”

Vick on if Kelly’s style of offense can work in the NFL: “after talking with Chip, I know he is very innovative. I think Chip will be able to change things week by week.”

Vick on lasting a full season: “I have done it before, once you start trying not to get hurt, you do get hurt, over the last 2 years trying to protect my self, putting too much effort into not being injured.”

Vick on what happened after 2010 season: ” I have to go back to watch the film, I am not living in the past, we have alot of changes & injuries, I am motivated and try to be one of the elite QB again.”

Vick on how many more years he can play: “The way my body is feeling. I feel like I can play another 4-5 years, I am going to take full advange of it”

Vick on what is going on in his head: “Right now I am blessed. There are some things I would change, some I would not change, I am movited to become one of the best, I thank the Eagles for bringing me back”

Podcast of Vick on Mike and Mike in the Morning:

Jim Rome Show on CBS Sports Radio

Vick on Philly being a perfect situation: “I think it’s going to allow me to play a different style of football, which I wouldn’t mind to get back to for the next couple years.”

Vick on Chip Kelly’s scheme: “There’s been a lot of success around the league with it and I felt like I’ve done it to a certain degree early in my career.”

Vick on unfinished business in Philadelphia.“I didn’t want to leave Philadelphia on a sour note. When I came in, it was a very warm reception and I just wanted to give back, and give back through my play, I didn’t want money to be an obstacle in this situation, I didn’t want money to be the reason I didn’t return.”

Vick on being the same player he was in 2010: “I still feel like I’m the same player as 2010. I’ve gotten hit a lot more since then, but I took good care of my body and trained real hard.”

Vick on sour note over last two years leading to the firing of Andy Reid: “More effort could have been put into last season. You know I just think it was more of a matter of guys living off of what they did in previous years, You tend to do that in the NFL sometimes, and that’s why change is good, because you have a guy coming in that’s going to demand a lot of respect and he’s going to demand excellence, not only on Sundays but day in and day out, even in the off-season.”

Podcast of Vick on Jim Rome Show on CBS Sports Radio: