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Sixers Select Harkless, Trade for Moultrie

On the night of the NBA Draft, Sixers fans were anxious but slightly worried. Fans did not know what to expect heading into Thursday night but the front office did. By the time 15th pick hit the clock, the Sixers knew they had their man chosen.

With the 15th overall pick  in the NBA draft, the Sixers selected the 6’9” Big East Rookie of the Year Maurice “Moe” Harkless out of St. John’s University. Sixers President/GM Rod Thorn stated the following about Harkless:

 “We think he’s a great athlete that fits in with what we have,” Thorn said of the 6-foot-8, 19-year-old forward. “We thing he’s a player, very young who’s growth plates are still open, and we think he’s going to get bigger. Eventually, we think he’s going to be able to play two positions. With that and his athletic ability, we think this kid has too much potential to pass up.”

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While playing for the Johnnies, Moe Harkless averaged 15.5 points/game while grabbing 8.6 rebounds/game. Harkless whom is considered to still be growing is a highly motivated athlete who attacks the rim agressively on both offense and defense. His lateral quickness and speed for his size may cause problems for teams he may face down the road.  Harkless has fantastic size/length (7-foot wingspan) for a Small Forward. Moe Harkless needs to improve his dribbling skills and wide range outside shots if he wants to compete and be a difference maker at the next level.

Meanwhile as many Philadelphia fans were ready to explode for not taking Tyler Zeller (Center, North Carolina) or Arnette Moultrie (PF, Mississippi St), the Sixers front office had a differnt plan. The Miami Heat were on the clock at 27 and Moultrie was still on the board, well that is, until the Heat selected him.

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The Sixers wasted no time to get on the phones with Pat Reilly and company to  get a deal in place for Moultrie. Within minutes a deal was finalized. The Sixers packaged two picks (45th overall and future 1st) for the 6’11” big man, Arnette Moultrie. Moultrie is one of the more intriguing  prospects in this draft with based on his defense, explosiveness, and ability to get up and down the court quickly.

Moultrie averaged 16.4 points/game and crashing 10.5 rebounds/game.

Based on the athleticism of Harkless and Moultrie, the Sixers have set themselves up for even a brighter future. Owners Adam Aron and Joshua Harris are setting up this team and city for something special. The Sixers are the third youngest team in the NBA and are ready to make an immediate impact this season.