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Should you draft an Eagles in Fantasy Football?

Are you wondering where to draft a member of Gang Green in this years Fantasy Draft? Let me help you out by saying STAY AWAY!!!!! Seriously, does it really make sense? Lets start with the QB. Bradford seems to be the starter, but with his past history, he might be in a stretcher by week 3. Wentz who the Eagles gave up the kingdom to, is unproven, and not worthy of a pick! Heck I would rather draft Sanchez. At the RB positions, Sproles is a sold late round option, but will he get the ball? With Ryan Matthews still on this team, who knows who will dominantly carry the rock. I think I would draft Murrary over both of these players. At the tight end-spot, I do like Zach Ertz, solid guy and could be a decent pick in the late rounds. I probably wouldn’t make him my starter though.

Now the best question…who and where should you draft an Eagles WR???? Answer is simple: Don’t.

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