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X Games: Clinton Moore’s fails the land and run over by his own bike

Clinton Moore’s Wreck On A Failed Moto X 720 Was Bad Enough; Then Some Guy Picked Up His Bike And Ran Him Over With It

The X Games have been better then ever, new records, new tricks and even more exciting…New Fails! This weekends competition was fun to watch, especially as Ronnie Tenner and Matt Buyten battled in the Step Up competition. Renners 47-Foot High Jump took the record books and gave him the Gold! But even better then the Step Up was the Best Trick Competition, which was filled with tons of controversy. Aussie Clinton Moore learned the hard way what can happen with a gnarly crash, after going horizontal on a 720 attempt and then watching as a handler was unable to control his bike and ran over his broken body as it lay in the dirt. Watch the video below: