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Chicago Bears Fan Stabbed to Death in Jacksonville

William Pettry

( Facebook/Jacksonville Sheriff’s office )
William Pettry, 42, left, was killed at a Jacksonville, Fla., restaurant early Sunday, Oct 7. Matthew Hinson, 27, right. has been charged with his murder.

A Chicago Bears fan who traveled to Jacksonville over the weekend to watch the Jaguars-Bears game was killed in a bar stabbing, according to Jacksonville police.

According to the Florida Times-Union, William C. “Chris” Pettry, 42 died after being stabbed inside a Fionn MacCools, an Irish-themed restaurant in a downtown mall. The police arrested a Jacksonville resident and placed him in jail on a murder charge.

Reports say the stabbing came after Pettry was “involved in a disturbance with two other subjects.” The bar was located near a hotel that Bears fans took over as they traveled to Jacksonville.

The man accused of killing a Bears fan in a Jacksonville, Fla. restaurant was seen by witnesses cutting William Pettry’s throat before he “calmly walked” out to his car, police said this morning.

Matthew Hinson, 27, “placed the bloody knife in his pocket and walked out of the restaurant” early Sunday morning, the Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “Eyewitnesses gave detailed accounts of the incident. Each described how the suspect cut the victim and calmly walked out of the establishment.”

This might be the most publicity the Jacksonville Jaguars get all season.