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Bynum set back again due to BOWLING!

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

BOWLING? Are you kidding me? Bowling?

On Sunday, Sixers center Andrew Bynum said he does indeed believe that he injured his left knee while bowling a week ago Saturday.

Bynum, who has not played for the Sixers in the preseason or regular season since coming over from the Los Angeles Lakers, said he most recently rolled a frame Nov. 10. Bynum, who has a history of knee problems, also said, “In hindsight, I guess you shouldn’t go bowling. It’s not more than anything I’ve done in my rehab.”

Andrew Bynum did raise a question, which undoubtedly not only weighs heavily on Bynum, but on the Sixers, too: “I’m taking the position that if that happens bowling, what happens dunking?”

I guess he makes a valid point, if he could not do something as simple as bowl, what makes us think he could dunk or block shots? I am starting to regret the happiness felt when we fist heard of this trade.