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Bryce Haper Batteries Cheapshot to Philadelphia Fans

Phiily Fans show Hatred to J.D. Drew

As everyone knows how passionate the sports fans in Philadelphia get with the Flyers, 76ers, Eagles & Phillies. After Sunday Nationals Orioles Game, Nationals Rookie Sensation Bryce Harper became a new villain in Philadelphia sports to hate more for some comments about his upcoming trip to Philadelphia to face the Phillies in a 3 game series starting on May 21,2012. Harper was asked what type of reaction he would receive from the Philly fans, Harper response was “Hopefully I get a couple boos…Hopefully they don’t throw any batteries at me.” The batteries reference was towards to J.D. Drew, for those who don’t know the story by now, in 1997 the Phils used the second pick in the draft to select J.D. Drew, one of the most highly touted college players in recent memory. As such, his agent felt Drew deserved one of the most lucrative contracts for an unproven player in recent memory. After an embarrassing and picayune year-long contract dispute, during which Drew was demanding upwards of $8 million, the Phillies’ rights to negotiate with Drew expired. Drew went back into the draft, where he was promptly chosen and signed by the Cards for much less than he was asking from the Phils. Which lead to an August 1999 game between the Phillies and the Cardinals, in his big league debut at Veterans Stadium, he was so poorly received by bitter Phillies fans that the umpires suspended play to clear the D Size batteries from the field.

This is still building up from the 1st time the Phillies & Nationals played on May 4-6 in Washington DC which the Nationals took 2 of 3 from the Phillies , that series was known for Phillies Pitcher Cole Hamels throwing at Bryce Harper which lead Hamels to get Suspended for 5 games. How ironic that Cole Hamels will make his 1st Start against the Nationals since the 5 game Suspension.

A lot of baseball analysts have picked the Washington Nationals to win the NL East from the Phillies, since the incident with Cole Hamels hitting Bryce Harper & Bryce Harper comments about Batteries, this is the start of a new rivalry between the Phillies & Nationals