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“Knock Knocking” at Broad Street Bullies Pub

We all heard the hit single, whether it was streaming across youtube or jamming on the radio. Tonight when the Philadelphia Flyers defeated the New Jersey Devils in overtime, LiL Louie C gave an energizing performance at Broad Street Bullies Pub taking ‘Knock Knock’ to the next step.

It was overtime, the score 3-3 and the entire crowd was on their feet chanting for our beloved Flyers. Minutes into overtime, it appeared a goal was scored by Danny Briere giving the Fly Guys a victory and sealing game 1 of the Stanley Cup Semi Finals. The goal was reviewed and called back because Briere kicked the puck into the net, which made a tense Philadelphia crowd at Xfinity Live (and all over the city) biting their lips. Ultimately it made the next few minutes that much sweeter as Danny Briere himself, way back near the blue line, redeemed his no-goal through Brodures five hole.

Broad Street Bullies Pub erupted. Fans where going nuts, the energy was fantastic and just as the goal sunk in our minds we heard the beat… The pub roars in excitement as LiL LouiE C gives a quick Flyers chant and then puts on a spectacular on-stage performance. The crowd loved it, Xfinity Live loved it and here’s your chance to love it. Experience the excitement by watching the video above. ‘Knock Knock’ is making its rounds all over the internet, so if you haven’t watched LiL LouiE C’s ‘Knock Knock’ music video make sure you check it out. You can find it on our home page. Knock knock Lord Stanley… the Flyers are coming at your door.