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Andrew Bynum to remained sidelined until knee is pain free

Philadelphia76ers center Andrew Bynum will remain sidelined for the time being. It appears he is still having problems with his right knee and it doesn’t look like he will be ready for the 76ers season opener on October 31st.

Bynum was the big off-season acquisition thatPhiladelphiamade over the summer. The idea of having a true big man on the 76ers roster automatically put them as a top 3 or 4 team in the East. The only problem now is the injuries. This town has seen its fair share of injured superstars. Think Eric Lindros in the 90s; all the talent in the world, but he couldn’t stay healthy. I get the same feeling about Andrew Bynum as I did with Lindros.

Did the 76ers acquire damaged goods? With all the hype around Bynum and the possibility that this man could take the 76ers to the next level and get them back to the NBA finals. An injury plagued season is exactly the thing that could deflate this team and make them take a step backwards instead of a step forward.

Bynum states he will remain sidelined until he is pain free.