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Andrew Bynum: The Next Elton Brand?

In this modern age of the NBA superstar, 76ers fans should be overjoyed at Andrew Bynum’s willingness to express that he foresees a future with the team and organization. Of course in doing so, Bynum is giving up much leverage at the bargaining table. Besides, after the 76ers experience with Elton Brand I’m sure the team will be taking the proper precautions before making another max deal, especially a big man. However baffling as it may seem , the 76ers are reportedly contemplating doing just that. Reportedly preparing an offer for the 7’0″ center a monster deal making him one of the highest paid players in the league for sometime now. If you’re asking yourself “What are the Sixers thinking?”, you’re absolutely right.

The Sixers would have close to $30 million in cap space entering the 2013 summer however if Andrew Bynum gets the max deal which seems to be in the works, say goodbye to 2/3 of that potential cap space.   And say goodbye to the first class free agent opportunities like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard, and Metta World Peace available to the highest bidder in Summer 2013. So is locking up Andrew Bynum, and saying goodbye to even the idea of signing one or maybe two of these players really that imperative a move for the Doug Collins led squad at this time?

If you answered yes, 76er’s fans, I must warn you do not be so quick to forget events that filled Elton Brand’s stay in the City of Brotherly Love. Elton had a huge contract. Elton had bad knees and questionable health status night in and night out. Elton’s contract disallowed the organization from ever making a big free agent acquisition. And lastly, the 76ers paid Elton Brand a whole year’s salary, 18.2 mill to be exact, to play against them. Philly fans, Pump The Brakes! Andrew Bynum has missed over 120 games due to injury throughout his career. Has shown on numerous occasions to have the Randy Moss “I’ll play when I wanna” attitude. The 76ers would be wise to slow it down, see what Bynum does for them, and the city this year. At which point they will be in position to make a better informed decision or beware, the return of Mr. Brand.