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Rochester Lancers Offer Allen Iverson Soccer Contract

The word on Allen Iverson wanting to make a comeback to the NBA is out. He apparently is willing to play in minor leagues if it leads to a spot on an NBA roster. Evidently the Venezuelan League qualifies. If true, that move may be more about Iverson’s financial troubles than securing a spot with an NBA team in the immediate future. Last month the one-time MVP of the Philadelphia Sixers has a hefty bill with a jeweler and will have his wages garnished to help pay it off. If Allen has any interest in soccer it appears he has an offer from an indoor league team that he could also take advantage of.

The Rochester Lancers host two remaining regular season home games to conclude their season. The offer stands at $20,000 per game, with a bonus of $5,000 per goal scored, win bonuses, and merchandise bonuses. There are over 12 goals scored on average per game.

“Allen Iverson is one of the premier athletes of our time,” said Rich Randall, Vice President of the Rochester Lancers. “With his athleticism and competitive hunger, I think he can be a great fit with our team and fans as we make an important playoff push, while also driving interest to an exciting, growing sport.”

If accepted, the Lancers have also offered to host his friends and family through the duration of his stay. With the per-game pay and bonuses, this offer will come close to the offer (per game) set by Turkish basketball team, Besiktas and ultimately keeping him the United States.