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Allen Iverson about Documentary

Philadelphia PA: There are players in the NBA that people talk about and most time it is based on the city where they are from, Iverson was a guest on the Doug Gottlieb Show on CBS Sports Radio & CBS Sports Network on Thursday Promoting his upcoming Documentary which will be shown on Showtime.

The interview starts off about Iverson being being drafted 1st overall in 1996 by the 76ers “being very nervous about being the number 1 pick, just a lot of Nervous”

Iverson would say that there will be highlights of his football career in high school. “Football is always going to be my number 1 sport, if things went its way, I would have been playing football instead of basketball but god has his way”

About the Documentary “This is real and deep and see things they never though they would see”

during the interview, Iverson talked about his time in Jail and how it really changed the way he saw things, during his time in Jail, Iverson said he would talk to his family and friends and the time would go by.  Later on in the interview, they talked about some of the things that Iverson is mostly know for

About his Sneakers “I always wanted my own shoe. The first time I saw a kid wearing them, I pulled my car over & just watched him. Crazy!”

Crossing up MJ “I walked on the court & looked at him. He didn’t feel real. It was just his aura. Trust me, I never got the best of him. I remember the play like it was yesterday and did not realize what I did until after the game”

The Step over of Tyronn Lue at Game 1 of 2001 NBA Finals vs Los Angeles Lakers “It was just a reaction, it was just playing basketball, he was digging and beating on me, it was my reaction when he felt on the floor and did not realize what I did until after the game”

Iverson would go on to say “Out of everything I did on the court, I’m most famous for a rant at a press conference?”

a very interesting question that was asked by Doug Gottlieb if there was one regrets from your time in the NBA, Iverson would go on to say “Not one thing I would not regret, the closes thing was not letting Larry Brown coach me the way I did once I conformed to whatever he was trying to get through me”

Who was Iverson on the Floor “I played every single game w/ my heart. I played for my teammates. Sick, hurt, whatever. Every game like it was my last”

Iverson would end the interview by saying “No other athlete has a love & connection with their city like I do with Philadelphia”

The Iverson Documentary airs this Saturday night at 9pm EST on Showtime

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