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50 Cent Agrees to Fight Floyd Mayweather

Billionaire Alki David Offers 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather $5,000,000 each to settle their Grudge in the ring

The Eccentric Billionaire Alki David and Partner Celebrity Boxing Owner Damon Feldman has offered boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather and ex-friend rapper 50 Cent a $5 Million pay-day (each) to settle their differences in a 3 round Celebrity Boxing match. Alki says the match will show Live on and if Floyd and 50 step to the plate and battle it out in a Boxing match!

The match will be 3-2minute rounds with Headgear and the Big Celebrity Boxing Gloves. 50 has been boxing for years and has a sizable difference over Floyd but it equals out with Floyd’s experience says Alki. Alki David is most recently known for offering Chris Brown and Drake $5 Million each to settle their grudge; but Drake pulled out of the potential match. The 50 vs Floyd match would take place in Las Vegas on Friday, December 14, 2013.

“I’ll fight him, Dec 14th is [too] soon, ” 50 Tweeted. “I would need time to get in shape. I’m 204 right now I hit that boy he will see a white light,” 50 tweeted.

After speaking with Celebrity boxing CEO, Damon Feldman, 50 sent is interested; but it is Floyd who may be holding back. 50 Cent and Floyd have been good friends for a while, this may be a way for the two to get it all out.